In an effort to "standardize" shipping / handling charges. Waxing Moon Humidors has incorporated shipping in to it's standard pricing (domestic shipments only). International shipments will be invoiced actual cost.

UPS Ground is the option utilized by Waxing Moon Humidors with standard UPS services which includes up to $100 valuation.

Waxing Moon Humidors, for the most part, ships via UPS ground, UPS standard insurance applies, no additional valuation is purchased by Waxing Moon Wood. If additional, full coverage insurance, desired, it will be an option to the customer and a fee of $25 will be added to the final invoice as, if in the event of a claim, an exorbitant amount of time is involved when dealing with claim issues. Settlement will occur once settlement is approved by carrier. USPS is utilized for international shipping.

Waxing Moon Wood can not be liable for damage that may occur during shipping, as it is an option for the client to secure shipping protection.

Waxing Moon Wood can not be responsible for international claims. International shipping involves a hand off between responsible entities, neither of which are keen to accepting responsibility of damage due to mishandling.

In the event of damage as a result of shipping, and valuation is not secured, I will do what I can in terms of repair at no charge. However shipping involved with this will be the responsibility of the end user.

Humidors must be paid in full prior to shipping.

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