Competition Cut Away

I just had to do it.... I took this humidor, Cuban Crafters Exotica Ebony/Cigar Humidor 125 count,....

First thing I noticed was the sticker placed on the bottom of the "humidor"...

My first impression was.... "shiny" almost to a plastic effect.

The next thing to come to mind was.... Hmmmm, which one of my tools will get the job. I chose the bandsaw.

I was surprised at the ease that my saw went through this humidor. I have a harder time just resawing spanish cedar.

Ta-Da! The test subject is prepared.

I had suspected a spanish cedar veneer of about 1/32".... boy, was I surprised. It didn't even have that. I would compare what is being touted as spanish cedar to nothing more than a wall paper type material. So thin, that it didn't even register on my "Incra" measuring tool.

None of the panels were sealed with anything such as silicone. The panels basically just sat in a groove.

Here's another picture of a cross sectioned piece.

Doesn't appear to have a lot of glue on the corner joint...

All in all, I guess you get what you pay for. I wouldn't expect this humidor to hold humidity as one would hope that it would. Spanish cedar is the nuts and bolts of a humidor. The seasoning process should take about a week in a properly lined humidor. However, one like this, I would say would be a waste of time to even attempt to season.

Oh, and take a look at the "plywood" bottom tray that came with it.... I will say that the tray sides and the small pieces to effect the "seal" were in fact 1/4" spanish cedar.

Thanks for looking!

I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you're looking to purchase a quality humidor.

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