If, in the event, you are not satisfied with your Waxing Moon Humidor, I have the following options available for customer satisfaction.

Waxing Moon Humidors must be notified, within 10 days of customer receipt of the humidor, of any potential dissatisfaction.

The customer has an option to choose one of the following methods of resolution:

a. Waxing Moon Humidors will build another humidor, as close as possible, to the humidor ordered and address the points of dissatisfaction within the new build. Customer can use the original humidor until receipt of the replacement build has been received, then return the original humidor to Waxing Moon Humidors. Replacement humidor will be built and shipped within 30 days of settling on this option.

b. If damaged your humidor can be repaired and / or upgraded to a different specification, the humidor can be sent back to Waxing Moon Humidors and said repairs and / or upgrade will be performed and humidor will be returned upon completion. See information on shipping. Great care is taken in packaging your new humidor, however shipping damage can occur - please see note on shipping damage below.

c. Refund. Waxing Moon Humidors will refund the purchase price within 30 days of receipt of the returned original humidor.

Waxing Moon Humidors, for the most part, ships via UPS ground, UPS standard insurance (declared value) applies. Waxing Moon Humidors can not be responsible for damages during shipping due to the fault of the carrier. If shipping damage occurs and a carrier investigation ensues, they will want to see the packing material. Packaging should not be thrown out if shipping damage occurs.

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