Special Offer
Medium - 150 Count - Red Oak Waxing Crescent

For a limited time, Waxing Moon Humidors is offering a medium, 150 count, 17” x 10-1/2” x 6-1/2" Waxing Crescent style humidor at a reduced price for anyone who signs up as part of a ten humidor build.

Example Below is Red Oak as offered in the special

 Price will be $295 - Shipped*
*Continental US, International will be actual cost
the following conditions apply

Bulk build will begin when ten people have joined the list.

Once the list has reached ten, invoices for $100 will be issued as a deposit, securing your humidor as part of the group.  Deposits will not be invoiced until the list has reached 10 (ten)
Balance of $195 will be invoiced upon completion.

Once deposits are secured, there will be a two to three week build time for your hand made humidor.

A confirmation email will be sent that your name has been acknowledged on the list.

Website will be updated daily to facilitate monitoring of number entrants on the list.

Current List Status:  5

Feel Free to Sign Up on Form Below

Bulk-Red Oak

Example Interior Below