Interior Options - Large 
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Standard Interior

Includes Magnet embedded behind the lid panel to secure your hygrometer.

Select your options to customize your humidor!


Dividers & Trays




Boveda Holder
(Boveda Holder as shown on lid interior surface)


Boveda Interior
Capable of holding 13 Boveda Packs
(Boveda Holder on Lid Inclusive)
Quadrant Hinge Upgrade shown in Photo
Crumb catcher would be an additional upgrade.



Brusso - Machined Brass Lid Stays
One will do the job, but two look great!
(Can not be used with Quadrant Hinges.  Recommended for Large Humidors)

$45.00 / Each

Limit 2 per humidor


Brusso - Machined Brass Quadrant Hinge
(Can not be used with Lid Stays.  Available on custom humidors only)

Extra Set of Trays
Available only in the Large humidors



Custom Laser Inlay or Etching

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